Grapevine was established in 1991, when mobile phones first became an important device for business use. At this time, a mobile phone’s size was similar to a toolbox, compared with today’s smartphones which fit comfortably into a pocket. Technological development continues to drive our industry. By staying ahead, Grapevine deploys technical and expert knowledge to deliver real value in running local business and organisations.

This is achieved by a dedicated team, giving a high level of personal, local assistance. We place great value on the experience and length of service of our staff, offering reassurance to our customers that they are dealing with the same people who are expert in, and knowledgeable about, their operations.

  • Fixed Line Telecoms

    Grapevine offer a range of high quality, competitively priced and easy-to-set up services designed for the specific needs of our small and medium-sized business customers.  Whether you need new lines installed, the most competitive fixed line call rates or the introduction of business grade broadband solutions, Grapevine have the perfect product for your company.

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  • Mobile

    Grapevine’s expertise allows us to calculate the best mobile communications package to meet the needs of each and every organisation and its individual ways of working. Concentrating solely on the small to medium-sized enterprise, we can do this for companies run by a sole owner/manager right the way up to a large blue-chip business with employee numbers in the hundreds.

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  • Unified Communications

    Give your people the freedom to work efficiently and communicate instantly, wherever it’s most convenient for them.  Unified Communications lets them do this – through a single converged solution supporting fixed and mobile calls as well as voicemail, desktop communications, messaging and conferencing.

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  • Vehicle Solutions

    As Grapevine is committed to full mobility and effective working, our expertise extends to advising on the most suitable systems for staff and fleet management.

    This encompasses hands-free solutions, satellite navigation, job scheduling, as well as vehicle, asset and  employee tracking.

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